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Our Service is our Promise

"Under Promise and Overdeliver"

In Montana, there are more than 225 assisted living communities (and counting!)  choosing the right option to meet your needs for yourself or your loved one can be an overwhelming experience. The Graceful Transitions team understands all the confusion around trying to make decisions about living solutions for your loved one; we strive to make this difficult decision as stress-free as possible. We are Experts in Independent, Assisted Living, as well as Memory care communities in Montana and have a wealth of knowledge and resources to provide you information to make a decision. No matter the circumstances that have prompted your search, from Alzheimer’s or related dementia to mobility issues, our caring team is here to provide you with valuable information relevant to your situation. Following an in-depth discussion in which we learn more about your unique needs, we dedicate ourselves to finding you or your loved one the perfect place to call home.


Graceful Transitions is the ultimate free service resource to help guide you on this journey—and best of all, our services are completely free to you.  At Graceful Transitions we make the process of selecting senior living options as simple as apple pie. We rely on a graceful, compassionate, personalized approach that takes into account all your unique needs.  Unlike 99% percent of our competition we are a Native born Montana company, that only operates in this beautiful state we all call home.  Therefore we take pride in what we do and we have extensive knowledge of the various senior living options in your area and we are happy to help you evaluate the pros and cons of various communities.

Through our work in our communities, we’ve seen firsthand the positive effect high-quality accommodations can have on seniors, thus enhancing their well-being and quality of life. How do you know what amenities you will need? What should you look for in terms of day-to-day assistance? How can you be sure that you’re picking a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for your loved one?  All excellent questions when considering your options, that’s why we set up a time to meet with you and your family right away, and assess the current situation and evaluate the needs.


First step of our service is to gather information regarding you or your loved one’s medical condition, ADLs (activities of daily living).  In most cases we conduct a short assessment that identifies areas of needs and based off this information, we will present the best options to ensure a great fit.  If you are looking for Memory care for your loved one, we will also conduct a mini mental in addition to our standard assessment.  Our goal is to give you the best possible options available so that your loved one can age in place. Next, we will go into detail about the ideal locations along with any additional special requests or needs (ex. pet friendly, Movie Theater, near a park, etc.) Further, we will discuss preferred social activities and how we can help create a healthy social lifestyle balance in a brand new environment. We assist you and your family in handling all communication with the communities. Lastly, we then setup a tour once we have identified one that matches your criteria and needs and will continue to tour until we identify a match.



Expert Guidance


Graceful Transitions always offers to go on tours of the communities that we recommend; our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible.   We have vested a lot of time researching available options thus giving us a unique perspective into the Senior living communities that we feel will meet your needs, by doing this we save you time from touring 5 or 6 communities to 1 or 2.


Family is extremely important to us, our goal is to preserve the family dynamic by helping you with whatever you need to make this decision and transition a good one. We are happy to meet with any and all family members involved in the process and help everyone understand the options and solutions for the best care for your loved one. We help you every step of the way, A-Z until your loved one has decided on an assisted living community called home.


Graceful Transitions has evaluated the Senior Living Communities we refer before being invited into our network of referrals. We then compile a detailed profile for that community including the all available services, amenities, and activities, levels of care as well as licenses and certificates. This information is always updated before we schedule or attend any visits with the family.


Call 406-599-4656 and let us help establish the best plan moving forward. Or schedule a consultation and you will be contacted as soon as the information is received.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Accommodations Like?

This cuts to the heart of the hunt for a assisted living community.  Most communities offer a wide range of living arrangements in various sizes, layouts, and locations, from apartments located in the hub of community action to quieter homes on upper floors or ends of hallways. Consider where you’ll be happiest and in what kind of floor plan. Picture your possessions in the home.

Is Transportation Available?

There’s a whole world outside of your community, and it’s important to remain connected to it. Most communities offer transportation within a defined radius, often via a regular shuttle service. The community may also have predetermined transportation days for doctor’s visits, religious services, and other necessities. Consider the places you want to visit, and ask whether they’re part of the transportation route. There may also be transportation to scheduled outings, such as restaurants, museums, theaters, and more

How much does assisted living cost?

Depending on what level of care care your loved one needs, assisted living can be much more affordable than long-term in home care or nursing home care. The monthly rates assisted living communities charge can vary widely depending on the location, amenities offered, level of care required and other factors, such a memory care.

I have read about your service, but is there other things that you do or know that truely makes your and expert?

When matching an individual to an assisted living community, there are many factors to be considered, such as location, cost, current and future care requirements, and amenities. Graceful Transitions can provide all of this, as well as more community-specific information in minutes. Were an individual to attempt to gather this information from each of the many assisted living communities in their preferred geographic area, it would take them days of phone calls and meetings. It would also subject them to countless sales pitches in which it would still be difficult to obtain the information they require. Graceful Transitions has access to information about which a family might not necessarily think to inquire. Information, such as pricing variables, occupancy rates, number of residents, resident to staff ratios, proximity to hospitals, family reviews, and resident complaints. Furthermore, referral services can save families money by helping them to understand how to negotiate with the assisted living residence and making sure they sign-up for the correct level of care.


About Our Business

Creative Solutions

Graceful Transitions is a Native Montana based company specializing in Senior living consulting.  Deciding to move from your home into a Senior Living community is a big decision, with a lot of factors to consider.  Perhaps you or your loved one is independent and looking for home cooked meals, maintenance free property, and a fun place to live; or perhaps you or your loved one requires assistance with day to day living, including memory care.  We understand the confusion and frustration trying to navigate the proper place for care of Alzheimer’s or related dementia. 

Graceful Transitions is here to walk you through your options, from A to Z.  We understand not one size fits all, and we respect individual choice providing non bias information and options based off your circumstances.  Working with experts in the community gives you the best options, without having to deal with multiple communities.  We truly are the Senior Living Experts in Montana, we know the communities inside out and work hard to find a Senior living community that meets your needs as well as a place you can call home. Graceful Transitions is here for you.  We look forward to assisting you in anyway we can.

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